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Conjunctions are used to join words, phrases, and clauses together. There are three

WH- questions (Question Words)

WH-questions are the questions started with WH-letters such as: what, when, where, who,

The Passive Voice

In general speech, we use active voice. Ex: She writes a letter.


Conditionals are used to describe something what could happen, what might have

Singular and Plural Verbs

In the present tense, if the subject (Third-person nouns and pronouns) is

Regular and Irregular verbs

REGULAR VERBS In English, a verb can be either a regular verb

Basic Forms of Greetings and Expressions Used in English

Good morning! We can use “Good morning” to greet someone when we

The 100 Most Commonly Used Words in English

Age And Beautiful Because Believe Busy But Car Cause Chance Change Children

Contracted Forms (Short forms)

to be (am, is, are) Affirmative Negative Long form Contracted form Long

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